Why WordPress Website could be hacked?

It is not only WordPress. All websites on the internet are vulnerable to hacking attempts.
The WordPress Websites are more attractive target, because WordPress is one of the most popular Website cms. It powers over 53% of all websites in the world.
Hackers have different kind of motives to hack a website.

Hacking for Spam, Black Hat SEO & Marketing

Protect and Secure, Fix and Repair Hacked WordPress Website

Hackers hack WordPress websites for Black Hat SEO purposes. The target of all Website owners and marketers is to rank as high as possible in search engine results (SERP). While the majority do their best and use legitimate means to improve the ranking of their websites, a few tend to turn to black hat SEO techniques. This typically includes the hacking of other websites on which links and keywords are embedded for the benefit of others. Malicious hackers do make a profit from selling such services.
That computing power can also be used to churn out zillions of spam emails – again, for free (to the attacker), and in a way that’s hard to trace, since the emails will come from your server, not the attacker’s own computers. Since emails are quick and easy to send, often by the time it is spotted, the attacker has got his pay-off. Spam equals money – sadly, there are people who don’t immediately delete them, but who reward the evil business model. Website owners and hosting companies get to pay the bills, when the addresses of their servers get black-listed as spam sources, and time has to be invested in cleaning up.
Another way is to insert links into web pages, to websites selling things – like various pharmaceuticals. These links may not even be intended or visible for people to click on – they may be intended only to be visible to search engines, to help the destination websites move up the search rankings. Unscrupulous marketeers can find it much cheaper to buy space on a thousand hacked websites from shady operators, than to build up genuine interest in their products.

Hacking To Store Illegal Files & Viruses

Protect and Secure, Fix and Repair Hacked WordPress Website

Hacking to store malicious files, Torrents, malware, stolen confidential data and other illegal content. Though no one wants to store or get caught with such data on their computer. Malicious hackers hack into websites and web servers to store such content on them. When websites are hacked for such purpose, it is common for the administrators to not notice that their website was hacked, since the performance of their websites and servers is not affected. The only obvious indication would be a spike in bandwidth usage.
A hacked website can be modified to serve up viruses to its visitors – catching vulnerable visitors whose own security on their PC/Mac/etc. wasn’t up to date. Viruses then allow the visitor’s computer to be used for the same purposes – and some others. For example, some viruses will encrypt all your files, and decrypt them only upon payment of a ransom – i.e. “ransomware”. Or they may inject new adverts into every web page you visit, making money for either the sellers of advertising space, or the sellers of the advertised products. Or they may log clicks and key-presses on the computer, and capture valuable passwords by this method – e.g. online banking passwords.
Insecure websites are economically valuable. Weak passwords, un-updated plugins, etc., provide ways for the bad guys to use your computing resources, to make money. The costs of breaking in are less than the revenues they can make – so hacking is a profitable activity.

Hacking for Bandwidth

Protect and Secure, Fix and Repair Hacked WordPress Website

Bandwidth is expensive, especially when transferring terabytes of data every day. Hackers target any website, WordPress or not, to use its bandwidth. Such bandwidth is typically used and also resold to generate profit and is typically used for VoIP, torrents and other similar traffic.

Hacking To Use Bots

Protect and Secure, Fix and Repair Hacked WordPress Website

Malicious hackers use public Wi-Fi’s, VPNs, TOR networks, proxies and other similar solutions to launch hack attacks and also ensure their activity cannot be traced back. They also hack websites and use them as a stepping stone to launch further attacks against other targets; use them as bots, which typically form part of a huge network and are used during large scale DDOS and other type of malicious attacks.


Don’t say “my website’s not interesting to hackers – it’s just small, so I’m fine.”
A lot of WordPress Websites hacking is an automated activity. Other hacked websites are running code to try to automate the process of hacking yours, if you’re vulnerable. Everyone’s at risk, and everyone should to protect their website from hacks and attacks.

Is My WordPress Site Hacked?
How to check of Infection

At first You should check Website by next checklist:

  • Is home page is different?
  • Has Website Performance dropped?
  • Does Website show unexpected popups?
  • Has there been a decrease in site traffic?
  • Are there unexpected file changes?
  • Are there unexpected new admin users?
  • Have admin users been removed?

Check Website on Viruses using free Online Scanners

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How to Protect WordPress Website by Yourself
Recommendations to help keep WordPress Website more safer

Keep WordPress Website updated

Protect and Secure, Fix and Repair Hacked WordPress Website

When your WordPress website is running outdated versions of plugins, themes and WordPress, you run the risk of having known vulnerabilities on your website.
Updates to WordPress core, themes and plugins often include patches for security issues as well as fixes for bugs and new features.
Helpful tip: do update after 2 days after date of release, because developers some times make issues, and after updates they have Feedback from users and usually they fix it’s issues in 1-2 days

Remove unused Plugins and Themes

Protect and Secure, Fix and Repair Hacked WordPress Website

Unused plugins or themes can pose a security risk if known vulnerabilities exist within the plugin or theme.
Helpful tip: You can speed up this process by bulk selecting all inactive plugins/themes and then clicking the Delete action from your WordPress admin dashboard.

Do regular Backups

Protect and Secure, Fix and Repair Hacked WordPress Website

If you doing backups regularly, and if your website was infected, you can quickly restore your clear website.
You should do backups before updates. Sometimes new versions of plugins or themes can damage your website and you can quickly restore working version.
Helpful tip: do backup on cloud server, because if website was infected, backups on hosting may also be infected. Backups on cloud server are more safer

Check Users with Administrator rights

Protect and Secure, Fix and Repair Hacked WordPress Website

You should keep control on all administrators of your Website, and be sure that all of them it’s yours and that all of them have strong passwords.
Also, never use Username “admin”. If you have – remove it immediately.

Use Child Themes

Protect and Secure, Fix and Repair Hacked WordPress Website

A WordPress child theme is a WordPress theme that inherits its functionality from parent WordPress theme.
Child themes are often used when you want to customize or tweak an existing WordPress theme without losing the ability to upgrade that theme.
In the past, there was no easy way of updating WordPress themes without losing all the custom styling and changes that you had made.
Using Child Theme help you have actual updates for the main Theme without losing your custom functions and styles.

Never use untrusted Plugins & Themes

Protect and Secure, Fix and Repair Hacked WordPress Website

Only install WordPress plugins and themes from trusted sources. You should only install software you download from WordPress.org, well-known commercial repositories or reputable developers and their websites. If you find another version of a WordPress plugin or theme that isn’t being distributed directly from the developer’s website, do your due diligence before downloading and installing it on your website. Reach out to the developers to see if they are affiliated with the website that is offering their product at a free or discounted price.
Also, before install Plugin or Theme from WordPress repository check popularity, reviews (not only on WordPress repository, check in Google Search too) and when was the last update. You should not install very old, very new Plugins and which have low downloaded score and reputation.

Use a quality web hosting

Protect and Secure, Fix and Repair Hacked WordPress Website

Not all hosting providers are created equal and choosing one solely on price can end up costing you way more in the long run with security issues.
Most shared hosting environments are secure, but some do not adequately separate users accounts.
Your hosting should be vigilant about applying the latest security patches and following other important hosting security best practices related to server and file security.
You can easy check trust and reputation of hosting provider based on reviews in Google Search

Add SSL, if you haven't yet

Protect and Secure, Fix and Repair Hacked WordPress Website

When someone visits your WordPress website, a line of communication between their device and your server begins. The communication isn’t a direct line, and the information passed between the visitor and your server makes several stops before being delivered to its final destination.
When a visitor logs into your WordPress website and enters payment information, this information isn’t encrypted by default. So just like your unpackaged purchase, there is an opportunity for the login credentials and credit card details to be discovered at every stop between the visitor’s computer and your server.
Adding an SSL certificate to your website is a great way to encrypt and package the communication on your site to ensure that only the intended recipients can view the sensitive information being shared.

Add two-factor authentication

Protect and Secure, Fix and Repair Hacked WordPress Website

Two-factor authentication is a system that requires two items to log in to your account: First is the usual username and password, but the second is a unique code that’s delivered via another format. The secondary code can be delivered via text, email, single-use codes, mobile apps or other formats.
Whenever you can, you should turn on two-factor authentication. It adds an extra step to the login process, but that layer of security protecting your accounts is worth it.
WordPress two-factor authentication is a huge way to boost your WordPress security.

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Protect and Secure, Fix and Repair Hacked WordPress Website

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Protect WordPress Website against hacks

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  • Website Firewall
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  • Hide info about your WordPress, Theme and Plugins
  • Secure WordPress Website Headers
  • Protect from bad users and bots
  • Protect against spam
  • Connect Website with CDN with optimal settings
  • and many others methods of Advanced Website Security

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